Fudgey Mallow Pop (faint_star) wrote,
Fudgey Mallow Pop

The Update

So, week two of school and i am still totally swamped. i have no life. i do have tons of homework though. homework i should be doing now.

In other news: i was invited to be in the new student troupe for origin tribal bellydance. even better, all my best friends are in it. the bad news, we spend way to much time talking, and not enough dancing. anyway, the first meeting was last night and it was way fun, save i was 45 minutes late

because of:

my new job! aside from the awkward and waaaaaaaaaaay too ling staff meeting we had yesterday, crashed by our supervisor, my new job as an afterschool leader (through CARD) at Sierra View is amazing. i work mostly with the first graders and love it. they crack me up. i would NEVER want to teach first grade, but darn it, i love those kids! i come home every night with cute kid stories.
like when i asked one on the first graders if they knew what an emergency is (while explaining potty pass regulations, aka, when you can go potty WITHOUT the pass) and she answered, "Um, when the bathroom is on fire?" Oh, cute kids.

speaking of cute kids, my labor day was spent most pleasantly with my friend, emily, her husband, and their two kids, who are 10 and 2. we went on a picnic at 5 mile. sooooo cute and fun.

So anyway, now it is time for me to get on with copious amounts of homework.
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